What we specialize in?

What we specialize in

Brand Strategy

  • Perform comprehensive brand assessments
  • Identify key strategic challenges
  • Develop long term strategies for high profile issues that create long term shareholder value
  • Create brand strategic and integrated business plan
  • Brand repositioning

Channel Marketing

  • Strategic assessment and channel portfolio development
  • Innovation, ideation and value generation
  • Create regional and unique channel account strategic plan to generate incremental performance
  • Create proprietary long term equity campaign
  • Strengthen brand “Value Equation


  • Deep dive review of current customers, lapsed and new potentials
  • Support with market research to better understand customers needs
  • Take casual customers and transform them into loyal users
    • Acquisition
    • Retention
    • Profit mix

Marketing and Consulting

  • Understanding that business have to focus on what they do best, run their business. Wow Factor offers complete marketing department outsourcing or marketing consulting services.